Anyone ride Captain Jacks in Colorado Springs

I might go ride tomorrow and I've never ridden Captain Jacks.

Is it fun? Long enough for an afternoon?

The trail map says it's extreme. How extreme? Will I be carrying my bike over boulders for hours (like that nasty trail in Rampart)?


Bryan in Denver...

I did Captain Jacks last year, and had a blast. I went through crank case alley which was supposed to be hard, but wasn't bad at all IMO. There are some skinny areas with fair drop offs that will get you to pucker up, but the views are fantastic and worth the ride. I rode for a half day then bailed out down Gold Camp Road when our group of more accomplished riders said we were coming into some really rough stuff, ie BIG rocks and loose down hills with with switch backs. One rider returned with damaged forks and all looked whipped. Anyway, it was an adventure. BTW I'm an intermediate rider.

Bryan, depends on where you go. There are portions that are "extreme" but most are not. Some call the Pipleline trail (the southern route out of Jones Park) extreme, but again, only sections are tough. There's enough there for an afternoon. Lots of side trails to explore but really, only a couple of good loops are documented.

Have fun, watch out for other traffic. The trail is pretty popular with the hikers, bikers and MTB'ers.


Thanks for the quick response guys.

I know the MTB'rs will hate my noisy WR.



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