Yamaha says the seat height remains at 39.3 inches.

I thought they dropped the height by 2 inches :cry:

does it really matter??? ive ehard that every other manufactorer measures seath height from bottom of the seat, and yamaha at the highest point. so if you measure from the bottom of a seat, it'll be around 36 or 37 inches, what most mx bikes are

I dunno where you're looking on yamaha's site but Here it says 38.0"

Canada....might be different ??? I'm rather tall & love the height of my WR. Just interested because i may aquire a new YZ 450 F.

I don't think they changed the Height on the YZ's... only the WR's

I'm not sure about canadian models :cry:

The Yamaha :cry: site says the WR remains at 39.3. I doubled checked. Could be a typeo.

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