xr650l backfires

Hi I have 93 650l which seem to backfire when decelerating. I see this is a common problem, but I cannot seem to find who sells jetting kits for this. Have any advice?


P.S. the jets in the carb looked like the day they were installed!

Check out Dennis Kirk. I think they sell dyno-jet kits. Either that, or ask one of the jetting guru's here on the website.

Backfiring or "popping" in 650Ls is caused by 2 things. Lean jetting in the pilot circuit, and the air injection system, or "smog pump". Baja Designs sells a block off kit to eliminate the smog pump. That alone will remove much of the backfiring. You do not really need a jet kit (unless you want one). You can get individual jets from Sudco.com, or carbparts.com. I went one step richer on the pilot and main jet, to a #52 and #155, and the bike runs great. No bacfiring, no hesitation.

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