13.5:1 piston kit and DR.D - Jetting???


Just got my DR.D complete exhaust and Wiseco 13,5:1 piston kit for my 2001 YZ426F

I will put it in on sunday and was wondering what jetting i should start out with??

At the moment i run with stock jet and WB E-series.

The temperature is 10deg/cel and i´m only like 20m above sea..

Also got ASV lever and Magura hydralic clutch. Can´t wait to try it on the track.. :cry:

i also have the wiseco hi comp piston but im currently running the yamaha GYTR titanium headpipe with the white brothers exhaust and the bike seems to work good with a 170 main where i live,you may have to try a least one step richer and go from there,good luck :cry:

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