wr 400 free mods

Hi i need some info on free mods for a wr400 its 2000 model, ive removed the air box cover but what else can be done.

thanks for any help in advance.

use the ''search button'' you will find everything

thanks for your help ive only got my wr yesterday,its a 2000 model wr 400 with 600 miles on the clock and its mint.

You are a lucky blue owner. I would, during your off riding season, check your valve lash. They should be spot on, if not, you'll learning how to rebuild a 2000 wr400 with alittle over 600 miles on it! :cry: Just for thought, I went to a 48 tooth rear and that made 1st. gear very useable for trails and desert riding. Also gets me 100 miles on one tank. :cry:

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