Cobra ISDE four-stroke exhaust?

Cobra lists their ISDE four-stoke exhaust for $160 for all models. This is much cheaper than most of the competition. Does anyone have any experience with this pipe? Cobra claims it's only slightly louder than stock? My Supercrap is hurting my ears....NEED HELP!

Those pipes are good. I recently had one on my XR250 and loved it so much that I put one on my XR600. They are louder than stock, I'd of prefered them to be a bit louder(I wanna hear it!!). They give you a good tone and overall power increase. Cheaper than FMF too.

The Cobra Exhaust is very loud. I just put one on my XR650L. I like the note and performance, but the dag-gum thing rattles my brain. The pipe looks good, runs good, and everyone in town can hear how it sounds good!

Has anybody tried one on the 650R?

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