streat legalizing?

has anybody made their XR 600 streat legal? what did you have to do as of the DMB stuff and what were the requirements the bike had to meet?

Where are you from? There are web sites for your area that provide info on the Hiway traffic act. Where I'm from all I need to add to the bike (650R) is a mirror and DOT approved tires. So I went the other way and put off road plates on and the cops in my area leave us alone. The bike would look to stupid with a mirror. Let me know where your from and I'll help you find the web sites. Just the state will be fine.

Baja Designs knows everything that has to be done to a bike to make it street legal. They even have performance parts. The kits they sell are resonible and work really well.

Here in Colorado..

DOT Approved Rear Tire

Functional Brake Light


Horn (Piezo from Mtn.Bike shop) audible from 200ft away

lisence plate

mirror on left side of handlebar

Proof of insurance

Then you sign an afidavit that you did all of that and you're off.

Hope this helps!


BTW..BajaDesigns stuff is VERY nice, but expensive, when you can do the basics for well under $50(less the tire).

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