Cutting 03 450F Exhaust ?

I thought I saw that someone had cut their exhaust canister with good results. I did a search and could not find anything.

So, has anyone done a cut?

How much did you cut and did you get any performance results?

Did it make the sound too loud?

I am trying to buy a little time before I buy another exhaust system.


I cut my exhaust on my 04 450.. i didnt notice any performance or sound difference but it definately looks a lot better.. i cut 4 inches off.. probably coulda used another inch off it and it woulda really looked sharp but i'm happy with just 4. When i did it i read some posts on here about it and they said cut anywhere up to 5 inches off... some people said they really felt the power down low but i sure cant tell any difference... havent had it on a dyno to compare either tear it ups all i gotta say :cry:

Thanks, that is what I needed to know.

I cut about 3 inches off my stock exhaust and it didnt make a difference expept it was just a little louder.

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