Cleaning and Oiling Air filter

I was wondering how to go about cleaning, oiling and greasing my stock air filter for my 87 xr600 (in terms of what cleaning agents and oil's) Also, if i were to replace the filter what filter and products would you suggest....UNI, NO TOIL....ect i really appreciate the help :cry:

Love the UNI I have. No-Toil is great cleaner and oil, but terrible filters due to size problems. Get the No-Toil pack with all 3 products in it (oil, cleaner, rim grease). Buy the Uni. Remove the snorkle (if 650's have them). You just made a huge difference in how your bike breathes. :cry: Have fun!!

Thanks Jeph...Sounds good! where do you think i should buy them for the best price? In the meantime, how should i go about cleaning my current stock system, and working with that (would love to ride this weekend :cry:). thanks

I got the UNI from my local moto shop. They all have them. I buy most of my more expensive stuff on e-bay, though. They will have the filters, too. Same on the No-Toil products, but probably easier in a local shop then e-bay for that stuff. Also, if you are new at this stuff, get a Clymer manual xr600 specific for your bike off e-bay also for $20. It is a HUGE help. Explains bolt by bolt how to work on everything on the bike.

For tomorrow's ride...

you can clean filter with Simple Green (a must have for all around bike "stuff") or other solvent. Make sure to rinse out and let hang dry the filter. Next you need to re-oil with filter oil from the local shop. And since you have to go there anyways, get the No-Toil pack and UNI!!! :cry:.

I like to saturate the filter with the oil, put it in a freezer bag and scrunch it up a bunch of times to get the oil all over it. DO NOT wring it out at any time. This damages it. You can scrunch it, that won't hurt it. Get all the excess oil out by scrunching, then use the rim grease in the pack, put a small bead around the edge of the filter and re-install. If any of the grease or oil is too heavy and gets into the air intake hole, you are screwed (a latin word)so be careful to squeeze out and keep the grease to the outside. Don't forget to pull out the stupid snorkle at this point. :cry:

OK, all these direction will be on the No-Toil package as well. If you are not going to get to any oil before your ride, do not clean it out. It has to have oil on it to do it's job. Now get out there and get some ride time. :cry:

WOW....that pretty much covers everything. I'll go to the shop tomorrow and get what i need. Thanks for the step by step instructions. My Haynes manual left me a bit lost :cry:. Thanks for all the help. :cry:

How often do you have to clean it and reoil it, is it obviously dirty or is it time you run it, Thanks

I do mine when I think it looks dirty and have the time. It is a really easy process, but I do let the filter dry over night after the cleaning, so not the night before a ride. It depends if you have that dumb snorkle in. It will get dirty easier if you don't. You can really tell when it is time, though. All you'll see is brown. Probably do it before this point. :cry:

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