2001 426 newbie questions

Hey guys, just bought a used 2001 YZ426 and I started to pull it apart and see what it needs today, couple of questions:

1) The left side radiator is caved in a bit, maybe a half an inch. It's caved in enough that the plastic things that direct the airflow into the radiator are all squished and probably blocking the airflow. No coolant leaks on a quick 20 minutes ride, bike did not seem to run hot. Should I bother replacing the radiator? If not, any problems leaving out the airflow director thingys? Leaving them in their squished state would seem to really block the air into the rad.

2) The airbox lid is gone, will this cause any problems?

Took the bike out on a quick ride today, holy moly this sucker's got some grunt! Darn, if I knew dirt bikes were this fun I would have gotten one years ago. Super stoked!

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

First off welcome to TT.

You can send the radiator off to Mylers and see if they can repair it ...they work wonders. http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/

Secondly, the YZF does not come with an airbox lid...that is used on the WR version of the bike. Your good to go!

I would at least get a small screwdriver & straighten the radiator fins until you can get a new radiator. Radiators are expensive, but not as expensive as cooking your engine! The 426 is an awesome machine, I haven't found anybody yet that can outpull me coming out of a corner!!


2001 yz426

protaper bar and scotts stabilizer

trail tech computer

Thanks for the info. Here's a pic of the radiator to give you an idea what the damage is.


You can see the the whole side is kinda bowed in. Any chance this is repairable?

Quite repairable. If you don't find a competent aluminum radiator specialist in your area, send it to the link Satch gave you. Mylers has fixed far worse.

It doesn't really look too bad, though. Using something like a shop vacuum or a hair dryer, see how well air flows through it. If there are no closed up areas, and it doesn't leak, you could probably run it like that if you wanted.

Cool, thanks for the info. I see if I can get it repaired next week. Thanks again.

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