XR600 or XR650L? engine

Am building a Street legal flattrack bike

and was wondering, use a XR600 engine or a 650L?

Which has more poop? Have ridden several stock and warmed over 600's, but never a 650L? am leaning towards a XR600 as there is a huge aftermarket of hop up parts.

Is bigger better? In this case?

I know the XR is normally a dirt bike engine and the 650L is

street legal. But which puts out more torque? HP? weight?


I think I know the answer, but have to ask.

:cry: :cry:

They are basicly the XR600 and XR650L are the same engine....the XR650L has more displacment+more torgue and more HP....the XR650R engine is water cooled way more power.

Have ridden XR650R's,

looking for air cooled info for this project.

Have never ridden a 650L.

They are nearly the same except the 650L has electric start and a 100mm bore with an 82mm stoke. The 600 has 97mm x 80mm bore/stoke. You could probably take 600 parts and make the 650L a kick start. Aftermarket is essentially the same with the 650L making more power and torque. You can big bore it to about 675 also.

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