Clarke 4.3

I ordered a Clarke 4.3 tank for my 650R, to only find out that it doesn't fit my 2002 model. Apparently Honda must have changed the position of the thermostat housing, as it contacts the tank on the right side. I double checked Clarke's listing, and it showed only 2000 and 2001 models.

Anybody else ever ran into this problem?

I found out what my problem is. The california 650R models have some smog equipment, and it is actually what is in the way. I sent some pics to Clarke, and they are going to modify their mold, so that their tanks will fit all models, California's included.

Just in case you all didn't already know this, you will need a smog block off kit (I got one for $35 from Applied Racing) if you have a CA model, and want to run a bigger tank.

I recently added the Clarke 4.3 on my 650 and I love it. If there was one thing that I had to complain about, it would be that it feels like the front end wants to push more in the soft stuff with the added Lbs of the fuel.

I feel that clarke would be wasting time and money by remolding the tank to fit the Cali model. I don’t know anyone who has kept the smog stuff on anyway. I have a Cali bike and getting the Clarke was a good excuse to finally remove it. It helps the backfire problems. I think that Clarke should just offer the block off kit for a little extra when they sell the tank to a Cali customer.

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