new to a 98 xr600, oil level check? how?

Wainting for my manual for my newly purchased xr600. In the mean time can any fellow xr riders explain the best way to check oil level. Warm or cold? Screw in dipstick or not? What wt. oil does everyone use? How much does it take? Thanks.

The owner's manual for the 600 says to check the oil with dipstick not threaded, just inserted and pulled out. Check it cold and level. I run Delo 15w40 and have since mine was new. No burning and no smoke so far...

i was always told to run the bike for about 3 minutes before checking the oil. I did it cold once and ended up over filling it.

Decided to bust out my Haynes manual just to be safe. the manual says to allow the engine to reach normal operating temp, then stop the engine and allow it to sit in a level position for five minutes. Also to let the dipstick rest on the threads. :cry:

thanks :cry:

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