I need a horn kit to dual sport my wr426

I'm try to do my own dual sport kit. I got everything I need for my state except a horn kit. I tried the one from four strokes only but it doesn't work well enough...Can't hear it over the exhaust. So has anybody put together their own kit for a wr426? I need a horn that will work with alternating current...b/c I don't want a battery. Any suggestions on how to do this or info on where to get one would be greatly appreciated. I've search but cant find anything.

Easy, go to Radio Shack® and pick up a "personal alarm", it looks like a egg shaped key ring with a pin you pull to makes a 105DB noise. Just open it up, remove the pin switch and hook in to wires, run those to your own button, walla, you have a push button horn with its own self contained battery. Tape it somewhere secure. I cant take full credit for this, I got this idea and did it myself from another TT'r

Try Emgo Good stuff there


I used a 9v push bike horn whitch comes wired up to a push button,though i also wired mine to the handle bar switch to save clutter,sounds odd but it`s legal :cry:

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