1986 XR 600 for sale

Last Sat. I took delivery on a new 02 KTM 520 mxc. Now I have to sell an 86 xr 600 I have owned since 1988. My problem is I have no idea what the bike is worth or how much to ask for it? Anybody got any thoughts or ideas? The bike is mostly stock and in great shape. Xtras include-

Super trap, rebuilt suspension by Bob Bell (P Concepts),rebuilt speedo/odom (stock digital type), rebuilt carbs., new rear tire and sprocket.

Please contact at kphutch@earthlink.net I'm in the desert in So. Cal.

You can get a really good idea of the value by going to cycletrader.com and doing a nationwide search. You can get the average price from several.

I sold my 86 xr6 a couple of months ago for $1400 after people on this site said that they had only given 500 or 600 for theirs. The first person who looked at the bike bought it. It was a nice bike but I had only owned for a few years so had no real idea of the background. I had done a top end and that sort of stuff but your bike sounds like it is nicer then mine. Remember it is always easy to lower a price but often harder to raise it. Their is a huge market for dirt bikes under $2000 but dont let that set your price. You will most likely have a bunch of calls even after it is sold so be prepared to stand your ground as far as price goes. I think I might have gotten carried away on this post sorry.

Thanks for the info. I tried nationwide cycle trader a couple of days ago- 0 replies. I think I'll start at 1800.00 and go from there.

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