2WD WR450F!!!!!

In the November 04 issue of Dirt Rider there is an article with a 2WD WR450F! Says it probably wont be for sale in the US and if it was it would be about $18,000. It comes stock with a steering dampner and Ohlins susp. Craziest thing Ive ever seen. Check it out on pg. 66.

They raced it last year in the Paris Dakar and won a couple legs! It has been heavily discussed earlier in the year. Dakar is on OLN again this winter! :cry:

It's definitly not that expensive, and for sale in other countries

There was just one on Ebay. Not sure how much it went for.

It got to £5750, about 11000 usd! It did not make its reserve though! I was gtempted to bid, just for the novelty factor!!

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