Carb tune settings for JD kit and FMF-Q pipe?

Could anyone give me some feed back on the recommended settings (main jet, pilotjet, accel-pump needle position) for a '03 WR450F with a JD kit and FMF-Q pipe at 1500' to 2500' feet? any advice is appreciated.My current settings are below. :cry: :cry:

You are there. You may want to run the main down to a 165. I go to the 170 for winter riding. Note that air box mods lower your main jet! If you cut out holes or increase air intake capabilities on the airbox and run a twin air filter your main will need to drop. If you are not cutting out at 3/4 to full throttle before hitting the rev limiter your 170 main should be fine. Put a 72 starter jet in for the fall and winter. makes life easy starting the cold bike. :cry:

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