XR 650 L power increase?


I ride a -99 Honda NX 650 Domintor which carriess the same engine as the XR 650 L.

It is completely stock and in my opinion not very powerfull. :)

I adjusted the valves the other day and as I had the seat off I ripped the snorkle off the top of the air box. After that it´s even weaker than before! What jets do I have to replace to make it run better and will this make any difference if I still don´t change the exhaust?

Check out www.bajadesigns.com they're an awesome bunch of guys, and have all of the XR600/650L/650R's figured out. They have several mods specifically for the 650L.

Yeah, I just found out. But thanks! I will be ordering these items from Baja Designs.

1. Jet Kit and Vacuum Piston Mod

2. Smog Block-Off Kit

That should take careof the poor power delivery, dont´t you think.

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