Wanted: xr600

Im looking for another Dual sport xr600 in california to purchase. Something cheap would be prefered:smirk:. If anyone has one or knows of one i would love to hear about it. THANKS- :cry:

I've got one in Sacramento.

Street legal


new edelbrock (2 rides)

new tires (s12 & a similar terrain dunlop).

normal scratches etc.

lowering link installed, have stock link.

Black & white plastics.

$2100 w/stock carb

$2400 w/edelbrock

PM if you want photos/questions.



sounds like a nice bike. I'm actually looking to spend a little bit less then that right now. might consider it if i dont find anything cheaper. Thanks for the offer...

I just sold a 96 that is street legal for 3000.00 It was mint with low miles. Lower than 2100.00? :cry: The dual sport kit is 400.00 and just the fact that you can't make them road legal any more ought to up their value. Seems like 2100.00 is a bargain. I know everybody thinks that for 3000.00 you could get a 650R. IMHO the 600 is more dirt worthy unless your thing is blasting along at 70+ MPH. I have a 650R and love it. I blast around on the road on it. I will say however that the 600 seemed too small for a street bike for me at 6'3" and 220lbs

I’m well aware that $2100 is not outrageous for that particular bike. If I had that much money right now I’m sure that I would be very interested. Unfortunately I’m looking for something a bit cheaper :cry:. I just picked up an 87 xr600 that’s street legal with a desert tank in good condition for $1000. So I’m looking to spend something in that range give or take. If I could afford the 650 i would definitively be all over that :cry:. Thanx for the impute.

thanx desmo! i emailed the guy...ill let you know

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