Throttle stop fitted

Replaced throttle stop with YZF one,the bike now fly's,grey wire next.Could anybody tell me the right way to start the bike from cold just don't think ive got the knack of the button yet, plus the battery seems to die quite quickly is this common as it's a brand new bike,would the throttle mod have anything to do with the starting of the bike from cold


The throttle stop doesn't affect the starting. My routine with a cold bike is; pull the choke, 2 short twist on the throttle and hit the button. :cry:

When I got my 450 I had problems with the battery holding a charge. I eventually replaced it and also put a battery tender on it. Since I replaced the original battery I've had not issues with it holding a charge or haveing enough of a charge to start the bike. :cry:


Cheers Tom,

I will try that tonight and see if its any better,Whats a battery tender and what does it do.

what TWSimpson said when cold, choke and 2 x twists on the throttle, then throttle off and hit the magic button.

warm, hold the hot start lever in and hit the button.

I just pull the enricher (choke), and kick with no throttle. No more than 8 kicks cold and 2 when warm.

I would highly recommend a 72 starter jet.

Ride fast-take chances,


I do three to 5 twists from cold, then it turns over and fires stright off.

My battery lasts for ages and ages, I left the ignition on for over 12 hours and it still fired up!

You should make sure you run a 165 mian jet too rell. I think your US bike should have it in as std, but if not, fit it! You will be amazed how it boosts midrange!

My WR is a bear to start with a 45 PJ, but a breeze with a 48 PJ. Not sure if that helps, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Dont think you need the grey wire mod with European models. Are you running stock exhaust or after market? My bike usally starts within a couple kicks of the kick starter with choke pulled when cold. You might check out some of the signature lines and compare jetting settings. A battery tender is like a trickle charger for your battery but much better. check it out here:

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