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Chain Maintenance...

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I just thought I share my chain maintenance routine because I've found that I have very few adjustments - even w/o running an o or x-ring chain. I try to wash the bike after every outting.

Once the bike is clean and I've riden it 'round the hood to "blow dry" it, I set it on the stand and apply WD-40 to the spinning chain. The chain rolls around perhaps 15-20 times during this stage. 15-20 laps goes pretty quick. The WD-40 is a very light lubricant if it's a lubricant at all.

Once the WD-40 is on, I apply Silkolene chain lube in the same fashion. As I'm spinning the rear tire, I try to apply the chain lube at different angles in order to get inside the pin areas, etc. It seems that doing it this way allows the chain lube to piggy-back on the WD-40 and get inside the pins, etc. Remember, too much lube can't/won't hurt your chain.

Of all the things I maintain on the bike, the chain is probably given the most attention. I run the DID ERT 520 (even after trying the DID x-ring) and it's always backed me up w/o a single problem. In fact, I have a brand new DID x-ring that I'll swap with anyone that sends me an ERT 520.

My routine takes all of about 1 minute and it's pretty much standard protocol and ground into my mind. Best of all, for my type of riding (high desert-dry and often dusty MX) it works.

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