650L cold starts??

I tried to start my L this morning and I had a hard time! I applied full choke, two primer shots and hit start! I started right away but stalled 2 mins later! The only way to get it started again was to pump 3 primer shots and it would only run for 10 secs as if it was only burnin the gas from the primer shots I gave! I pumped like 15 primer shots and with WOT it started and I revved it a little to keep it from stallin. Its pretty cold here (35 F) Could it be oil im usin?? Did that happened to anyone??

OK ok I found what was wrong!! There was to little gas left in the tank and a lot of condensation formed in due to drastics temp changes! I managed to start it and it bogged all the way to gas station, Filled it with premium and it runs like new!!

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