CA smog block off

I did a homemade smog block off kit, until the actual thing arrives. Basically I left the two hard pipes attached and plugged them, and then plugged the intake port and the airbox port. I can't really tell any difference in power, but it is noticeably harder to start hot or cold. Does removing this lean out the mixture in any way? Will I need to re-jet?

I jetted my 650R before I added the block off kit and it ran better. I ordered a Clarke 4.3 tank and it required me to add the block off kit. Now the bike runs even better. I am running:

175 main jet

68s pilot

Competition needle

Larger intake manifold

Bill’s pipe

And Uni air filter with both restrictors removed from the air box.

I never used more half choke since and it usually starts on the first kick.

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