How hot is hot?

I have a 2000 Wr400. Purchased a few months ago. Replaced the stock muffler, which was gutted, with a IDS Supertrapp. I am currently running 16 rings. It starts and runs great. I have noticed when it gets dark outside the head pipe has a slight red glow. I checked the spark plug and it looks good. Is the engine running too lean? :cry: Should I rejet it? We are just a couple of hundred feet above sea level.



Normal, normal, normal :cry:

Youre fine - that is normal. My bike, wr450 does the same thing. Once you start moving it will cool down a bit.

Perfectly normal.

The head pipe is only a single wall pipe to save weight. Typically, most four-stroke head pipes are dual wall, so you don't see it glowing.

I noticed the same "problem", the pipe was badly hit and I thought it was overheating from reduced flow...fixed the problem, but pipe still glowing :cry:, untill I was told it is normal

at least pipe looks good now :cry:



well with all that high compression and fire coming out of that pipe yes of course it's going to glow red hot.

not only is it perfectly normal but its a pretty cool feature IMO.

I get a kick out of firing it up at night and showing off my glowing pipe :cry::cry:

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