Oil change interval

I would like to know how often y'all change your oil. I have seen some at 200 miles, te dealership and manual says every 3000? I understand and agree with the shorter interval due to the clutch material in the oil, but really how often? Also how soon for first oil change- 200miles? Thanks-Robert

I would think about 5 hours for initial oil change, then another 5 hours. After that I would stick to a religous 200 miles if you ride hard off road. If you stick to street most of the time, or mild off road, stretch it out to 500 miles. Time is also a factor as combustion produces acids which break down oil. I wouldn't let my bike sit for more than a month with the same oil. These are just my beliefs, others think much differently. By the way, this is for dino oil which is all I use and my 600 still runs like new.

Ryan :)

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