Who rides in the cleveland Cleveland NF

I was just wondering how many people here ride in the Cleveland National Forest in Southern, CA. I live near it and have often been riding there lately. I was wondering if there were any other people in this forum that lived in the area who ride there. In the past Month, I have seen 2 guys on KTM 520's with another guy on a XR400 and a couple of other guys one time on matching XR400's.

I live in San Diego and have ridden in the in the Cleveland National Forest. Lots of good trail riding and nice atmosphere. Good for riding during the summers when the deserts are hot. I like it a lot, hope you will too.

I was thinking the same thimg about doing it during the heat waves. I have a blast up there exploring. I live at the Northern end of the forest, Corona.

i live in so cal but have always avoided that area.

people tell me the trails are pretty tame and there are a lot of self-guided missles shooting through them on the weekends.

correct me if i'm wrong, always looking for good singletrack.

The trails are tame if you are to stick to the fire roads. There are some more difficult trails off of the fire roads. I go there mainly to keep in shape and it gives me a chance to ride after I get off of work. I just shoot out of my drive way and I am on the trail in about 5 minutes.

What are you referring to when you say “self guided missiles”? Are you referring to Maniacs racing around in pickup trucks? You do have to watch out for idiots like that. I don’t think that is worse that any other national forest roads that I have been on.

We also live in Corona CA and really enjoy the fire roads through the Cleveland Nat'l Forest (check out www.coronariders.com). Since i am a passenger on my husband's bike, we stick to the main roads. I love it out there!!! We live right near Foothill/Fullerton Ave. and you can take Fullerton right on up into the hills. Have you taken the trail all the way to Silverado Canyon? As soon as I get my motorcycle this summer, we plan to spend a lot of time out there. I know it is not "wild" riding, but as crazy as I ever plan to get. Also, it is nice to not have to deal with a trailer, just hop on the bike and you are off road in 5 minutes.

I am also curious as to what "watch out for self-guided missles" refers to?? We never see anyone out there, even on weekends. Every once in a great while we will see hikers or mountain bikers at the beginning of the trail, but so far never another bike or truck. A coyote or bobcat if we are really lucky, but that is pretty rare.

self guided missles: i stopped riding in southern california national forests (san bernadino) on the weekends because there are just too many people on the trials...i.e. self guided missles.

national forest trails, the two tracks, get pretty curvy making it hard to see around corners. plus, since they are two track and

non-technical they tend to be tame and enable people to ride faster than they really can...thus becoming self guided missles.

in my opinion the forest service is shooting itself in the foot by what i see as a gradual taming of the trails in the forest system.

i understand erosion and environmental reasoning, but if the tame two tracks that have replaced a lot of the good singletrack that used to be out there is a result of mitigating accidents, i think it's a mistake. all it has done is helped joe sixpack and his merry band of drunk fourwheeler riders to give it a little more gas. at least in the desert it's easy to spot a redneck. you can see them miles off.

i have lived in california for one year and have hit three people on the national forest trails... been riding since age 4 and never hit anyone...

i sneak out to the san berdo forest every so often but it's only on the weekdays.

so that's why i never tried cle nat forest. cause i would have to load up to get down there and that would end up being on a weekend.



i noticed in another post that you took the dirt bike school in colton. very cool. i'm one of the instructors there. i hope you had a good time!

small world. :)

Hey there. Just joined in this forum and the topic got my attention. I started a club in Corona, CA: www.coronariders.com and yes, it includes thumpers (and roadbikes to). Membership hit 50 in two months. We've got a meeting this Saturday and a ride through the Cleveland forest, if anyone would like to join us.

Hey secretatlas, i think you were my instructor, as he also said he has hit 3 riders since moving to SoCal! I just took the class on this past Mother's Day in the evening. I had a BLAST! I highly recommend it and will most likely take it again with my 2 teenage daughters.

Re: Cleveland Nat'l forest, for some reason it is not crowded at all here near Corona, no kidding. Like I said, we have never seen another bike on the trail. Only street legal bikes though, and you need to get a key for the gates, because as we all know, we would NEVER go off the trail and spoil the natural flora and fauna in order to get around a big gate and fence...

Hey, that's my husband!! Hi Morgan, now it really IS a small world!


I also hit the trail a lot at the end of Fullerton. I think that it is called Eagle Rd. I live near Foothill and Main. Sometimes I will take the road that begins off of Oak. Are you familiar with that one? It is on the west side of Lincoln. I have taken the trail all the way to Silverado. My buddy and I sometimes go that way into Orange and we stop to have lunch at a little Mexican place off of Chapman Ave. I have also been up to the top of Santiago Peak. I would like to take a trip all the way to Ortega Hwy one day. I would also like to check out the west side of the hills toward the Toll Roads. What kind of bike do you and your husband ride on and when do you usually ride out there?



Our club's doing the Corona to Ortega trail this Saturday. I haven't ever taken the wing that goes from the peak down to the tip of Silverado Canyon. I know where it lets out at the gate, but I've never done it. If I remember, that gate is frequently locked and it leaves you with no option to get around it, am I right?

I just signed the guest book on coronariders.com. Thanks for the info. I wish that I could attend the meeting on Saturday but, I have already made plans. Maybe I will see some of you on the trails soon.


I don’t know if there is more than one trail going to Silverado. I have been to Silverado on one trail and have always been able to exit through an open gate. I think that I remember seeing another trail that leads to Silverado. Never checked it out.

I would love to go on the ride this Saturday but, I have already made plans with my wife to go to Havasu. If I would of known about it sooner, I would definitely be going. However, I will be at the next one for sure.


yah Kari that was me.

i had my brothers there to help, if you remember.

after you and the other students left we took xr100s, set up a TT course, and had bar bangin battles into the early morning. it was awesome. of course i got into trouble from my boss the next day cause we wadded a couple of the bikes. :)

well it's good to hear that you are getting into riding. and thanks for the props on the class. i think i enjoy teaching them as much as people enjoy taking them!

have fun

I live off of Upper between Main and Fullerton. I rarely see any other dual sport riders there. When do you guys ride? I regularly ride to Sadleback from my garage with friends. Its about 37 miles on my Panoram. I just posted a thread because last week I had some bike problems on our ride to Saddleback. Once the problem is fixed I will be heading back out. I have also ridden Main Divide to Ortega Hwy its about 75-80 miles round trip and a great ride. We end up taking Temescal Canyon home after a pit stop at Toms Farm. It makes for a great day of riding.

Mike :)

Kari and Mike

I rarely see other riders as well. I guess that we are all going at different days and times. I really don’t have any set times that I ride. Just whenever I get a chance or when I get spontaneous. My wife does not ride. She wants to get into some sort of riding. She is on the not so tall side (4'-11"). I thought that she could try a Yamaha TT125 or the new Suzuki DRZ125 or one of the other bikes in that class but, I do not think that she would enjoy it when you go to Glamis or Dumont. We do go there with my family quite often. For that reason, I thought that I should get her a quad. The only down side would be that she could not go on rides up in the forest with me.

It is great to hear that there are other riders out there that live so close. I often hear thumpers cruising down Citrus over by my house and wonder if they are heading up into the hills.


Hello Greg and Mike,

Sounds like we all live within a mile of each other, what are the odds of that?? Do your wives ever ride with you? My husband and I would really like to invite you and your wives over for BBQ and a ride in the next few weekends. I am anxious to take the trail to Silverado and it would be fun to do with new friends. Last summer we drove the road in a car and were so surprised that it was very cool up there (it was over 100 degrees in Corona). You can email my husband via his coronariders.com website if you are interested.

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