Who rides in the cleveland Cleveland NF


i knew it had to be you! Let me just say that i was very impressed by the dirt bike rider course, the facilities were so nice, the gear was all brand new, the bikes ran so smoothly and the track was beautifully maintained. Also, you have the patience of a saint. The class was a huge eye-opener for me, as I always rolled my eyes when my husband came home from a hard day of riding complaining of sore muscles. I thought sitting on a bike doesn't require muscles! Was I wrong! I was so super sore the next day and have a new respect for the sport. I used muscles that I didn't even know I had!!!!! Anyway, the course was great, your dad is very nice, and your brothers sure are sweet to help out. The only thing that really freaked me out was when the whole class did those figure 8s all at the same time and we had to decide who went first at the intersection, I thought I would crash into someone for sure. Glad I didn't!!! If you and your brothers ever want to give Cleveland Nat'l Forest a try out here in Corona, let my husband Morgan know. I'm sure he'd be glad to show you the trails.

You must have a street licensed vehicle. Looks like a good excuse for a Baja Designs Kit!


If your wife wants to start riding, i HIGHLY recommend the Honda dirt bike course in Colton. It is only like $85 or so for a whole day, worth every penny. Ask secretatlas, a kindergartner can do it (and they do, too!). Also, they have XR100s for her, it is a cute bike. Just make sure she either does it at night or wait until the weather cools off in the fall. It is horribly hot out there.

I don't like riding in sand at all, so I doubt I'll ever head out to Glamis. Also, i am afraid of the wild partying/violent atmosphere out there that I always read about in the paper. Drunk rednecks scare the hell out of me!!!

Are these trails only open to dual sport bikes or can I ride my 380EXC there? If they're open to all bikes where are the trailheads?



Thanks for the tip. I think I will check out the course today. I love for her to be able to try out a bike to see if she will be into it before I go out and spend big bucks on one.

Moving back up the reply line: The trails you guys are talking about in the Corona area of the Cleveland Nat'l forest; are these clearly marked on the National Forest Map, or do I need some other way to find the trail heads? I'm street licensed, so that's no worry.

Also, does anybody ride in the southern part of CNF? I'm in San Diego, and the only two places I know off hand are Pine Valley and Corral canyon. Any others?

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