2004 WR450F Exhaust: Thunder Alley vs. Stock Uncorked

Can you tell me which is louder? Any db ratings??

Thunder Alley muffler slip on w/o spark arrestor, w/ stock pipe, w/ free mods or the stock exhaust uncorked w/o spark arrestor, w/ free mods?

Also, can someone desribe the difference in sound between the two?


I think the db's are real close. Both are too loud unless you are on a closed course. If I were to buy another pipe I would consider the FMF Q. I run the T.A. with a spark arrestor.


I really have to say that the Quiet Products insert I have works really well in the stock pipe. I don't think $400 would even be worth it for me. Spend the $40 for the donkey sized insert and use the stock pipe. www.quietiscool.com

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