Over-Head Cam Breather

You are all going to sigh at me now, My bike has done 3000 miles I changed the oil after break in and not since :) , but I hope 2 do it this week! Recently quite a lot of oil/coolant has been coming out of the cam breather pipe Any suggestions why, help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Tom Ireland

P.S. I took my air-box lid of recently, could that cause the problem?

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Are you SURE it is coolant???

Oil foam IS normal. I thought mine was mixed w/ water, but it was not.


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No i'm not sure it is coolant, I just guessed it was because of it's colour, there is more coming out as the miles increase! wot do u think the problem is, or is that normal!

WOW and i feel bad when i go 300 without changing my oil. change it please. you should see less out the breather with fresh thick oil. if not check compression and leakdown. if there is coolant (anti-freeze) do not run the engine.

Why would you go 3000 miles without changing the oil? :D:D Fresh oil, freshly oiled filter and a clean bike is the best way to take care of your investment :). I guess its easier to just buy a new bike for people that have the money. ~Hit-man~


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Well my friend, if it is indeed coolant it means a blwon head gasket if you lucky and a cracked head if your unlucky. Has your coolant overflow tank been getting filled up? Usally when you have coolant getting into the motor, you have compression leaking into the cooling system, I would think that 11.5 :1 would push some water out of the tanks. After the bike sits and cools down, open the rad tank cap and look for oil floating on top of the coolant.

It must be oil, but it is a creamy colour, I am loosing no compression my engine is really smooth and I can still pull 105mph any day of the week! It must just be the oil that has thinned leaking out of the breather,

I don't get the chance to change the oil that often because I use it as an every day road bike, running sticky continentls. Its a great bike 3400 hard miles and is running sweet as a nut!

P.S. Could everyone send their regrets to a good friend Darren who died today, age 25 in a motorcycle accident with a lorry.

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