XR650L prices

What are 2002 XR650L's selling for these days?

Thanks for any info.

About $6300 out the door, with tax, fees etc, etc. This was from a dealer in Washington state. Look around, they'll deal if you can get a better price from another dealer.

I looked into one and ended up buying a '00 model from a private party. Saved thousands and have no regrets.

Good luck :)

Hey Radar_ridr;

My local dealer wanted $5500 out the door. But I got my 2001 off of www.cycletrader.com

with only96 miles on it for $1000 less including the shipping. I have seen many "brand new" used bikes sell for $4000-4500 on ebay as well. I just saw a 2002 with all the right mods, pipe, jetting, airfilter,desmog kit, with 1100 miles go for 4500, still with factory warr. Money you save you can spend on tires and whatever-good luck-Robert

I didn't check the prices on the L, but I got my 650R, for 4899 OTD at Thousand Oaks Honda here in Southern California...


In my search for a new BRP I've found 1 year old bikes for $1000 off what they're asking for them new.

If you inspect the bike thoroughly first, you can really pick up a sweet deal.

Good Luck!

Slyko...that was for a 2002 new one...they had 45 in stock when I bought mine. They've sold so many, that practically everybody in Thousand Oaks owns one... :)

In Ct. the bike's been in short supply, so it was full retail $5,495 plus tax, reg., etc. for an '02 model...well worth the $$!! There's alot of used XRLs on E-Bay.

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