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Star Bikers Entry list !!! Europe Vs Rest of the world

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Found this and thought you'd be interested in the race in Belgium. unfortuanatly they've clashed the S1 and S2 world champs with it so it's a bit of a f*k up like the supermoto des nations and the x games was.

anyways you got some of your american sm boys going over...



STEFAN EVERTS (:cry: (8 time MX world champion)

STEPHANE CHAMBON (F)(roadracing supersport world champion)

PATRICK CAPS (:cry:(MX world championship)

CEDRIC MELOTTE (:cry: (MX world championship)

YVES DEMARIA (F) (MX world championship)

PETER JOHANSSON (S) (MX world championship)

SEBASTIEN LE GRELLE (:cry: (European supersport Champion)

MARNICQ BERVOETS (:cry: (MX world championship)

XAVIER SIMEON (Spanish RR Championship)

FREDERIC BOUVY (Car Belgian Champion)

ANDREA BARTOLINI (I) (MX world champion)

DIDIER JADOUL (:lol: (Belgian RR Champion)

FABIEN FORET (F) (roadracing supersport world champion)


SHANNON JOHNSON (AUS) (AUS Superbike Championship)

MIKE METZGER (USA) (Free style world specialist)


STEVE DREW (USA) (US MX Championship)





SCOTT RUSSELL (USA) (World Champion Superbike / 5 time winner 200 MILES DAYTONA)

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This is a great event!! I raced it last year, what makes it great is how big it is and how many riders show up and the promoter does a fantastic job of taking care of its riders. We race down the streets of a small town and onto old farm fields. Its like nothing we race here we even raced the first day in the RAIN!!!! way fun. :cry:


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sweet Darrick, i'm a european i agree this is THE supermoto event. But like i say this year they've clashed the S1 meaning Boris Chambon, Seel and VDB aren't coming!

Are you just stopping in America now or will you be coming back to europe to do training schools etc over here? I think you'd do real well if you came here because theres not really anyone offering training other than Ade Smith here and thats waaaay expensive unless you ride a ktm.

Also Darrick i notice you know Warren Steele or have worked with him...do you know how his leg is healing up? He's not raced for about a year now :cry:

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