for toyota_mt_tech

Hi, I noticed you have your wr legal in Washington. Please give me the skinny on where you got the parts, and what you had to do to get this ------ state to cooperate. I would like to get an idea how much work I need to do to get my 2001 WR legal, since 90% of the miles on my bike are still from Idaho, where a guy can still ride.


Bart, PM me, I'll fill you in on the skinny. Give me the detaisl of your bike, ie where it curently titled etc. :cry:


Its a '01 WR 426, stock except for the yz throttle stop and a modified aluminum exhaust silencer insert, which reduced the uncorked noise about 30%. It is titled in Washington, and ORV tagged, but nothing else.

Bart, you have a "PM"

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