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KLX 110 Jetting trouble

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I have a KLX 110 with an FMF exhaust system and modified air box. Modifications include taking out the snorkel and drilling 6 1" holes with uni filter inserts in the air box. I have read many of the posts here regarding jetting the carb on this bike and have added an adjustable needle and a 40 pj and an 85 main jet. This setup created a 1/2 throttle loss of power. The first 1/2 and full throttle position is fine. I moved the clip in a variety of positions with no luck in getting rid of it. I went back to the stock 38 pj and an 80 main with the clip in on the very bottom setting. This setup resolves the loss of power at 1/2 throttle but leaves me with a small bog/hesitation at about 1/8-1/4 throttle and doesn’t seem to make the bottom end power the previous setup did. I bought my 40 pj from Factory Pro as their jet is only $4 vs Two Bros @ $14 the hole on the Factory Pro jet looks quite a bit larger than the stock 38pj. I bought the adjustable needle from Two Bros and it has me wondering if the needle jet they provide or the needle taper is wrong for these minor modifications. If anyone can offer me some input to think about it would sure save the ware and tare on these nuts bolts and screws I keep taking off and putting back on.

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