OK, 650L valve adjust....

The factory shop manual is on the way... But, is valve adjustment on the 650L about the same as on the xr4? That one's easy. Anything to watch out for? When you take the tank off, are there a bunch of smog-pump hoses connected to it or anything? The owner's manual doesn't tell you about removing the tank, or even adjusting the d*** throttle cable (yes I know how to do that anyway). They are too worried about liability. The old Honda owner's manuals used to have instructions for adjusting the valves and everything. Guess they want to encourage you to go to the dealer. (At least, our dealer is a good one!)

Oh, one more thing, anybody know the part # for the oil filter element? The one the parts guy gave me does not match the # from partsfish.com!

Removing the tank is easy. Take off the seat. Take off the bolt in the back of the tank holding it on. Take off the fuel line. That's it. Adjusting the valves is similar on all XR's. Simple screw adjusters. Only the tolerances are a little different.

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