What does the average XR owner do for a living?

One thing that I've noticed about the XR forum on this site, is that it's pretty slow compared to the other's...now this is either because XR owners are not the talkative type, or that we're the regular working joe with a career, more than one kid and a mortgage payment... :)

So...just to drum up some interest, give us some background on yourself:

Me?, I'm enlisted in the US Air Force, for 14 years now, I have 4 children, my oldest being 15 and my youngest being 3 months.

I'm stationed in the high desert of Southern California, where I'm exposed to miles and miles of open riding area, literally right at my back door, as long as I stay away from the "desert tortoise" homestead area's. We camp a lot and the whole family is into off road R/C cars.

I picked the XR650R, due to it's durability, sheer power(what can I say?, I'm a horsepower junkie) and honestly, I've always been akin to Honda products, since in my life, I've owned a ATC 90, 110, 185s, 83' 250R, 86' 250R, 82 XR 250R, 84 XL 600, 88' Hurricane 600 and now a 2002 XR650R. Oh, and throw in a 83 RM 250, 92 DR350s and a 96 GS 500.

All of the owners of other bikes can balk at the tonnage of our heavy weight's, but there's nothing beats the eye-watering acceleration when you crank her wide open...8^) Besides, I'm an old guy who likes to trailride, so I'm not the type to attemp any aerial tricks...and if you do, you can rest assure that it wasn't intentional on my part..hahaha

So...enough about me...what about ya'll?

Oh...and by the way, let me add what a mistake buying a GS 500 was....hahaha

Emergency room physician (and NO I do NOT give out medical advice over the internet).

one child, 2 years old. Keeps me very busy.

Local riding consists of tight forest trails with loamy soil.

I like the BRP because it will make a good D/S bike (if my Baja Designs parts ever get to Canada), has a reputation for reliability and low maintenance, and should have enough power to scare me silly.

Kurt Penner

'01 XR650R

Awaiting Baja Designs D/S kit.

Well I'm the assistant parts manager at the local Ford dealership, been selling parts for the better part of 21years now(no Idea what I'm going to be when I grow up).

I live near Monterey so riding areas are scarce (Hollister Hills 20min to the north-Clear Creek 1.5hrs to the south).I grew up riding an old Hodaka in the hills all around here (before it was all covered by houses).

I've always been a Honda guy (except for the Hodaka)besides the XR650L I've got a '96 VFR700F2.

Other hobbies include; Scuba diving, Mountain biking (full suspension Voodoo cycles hince the name)Hunting/Shooting, R/C Cars (TL01 sedan and ESP Clodzilla IV monster truck)and Miami Dolphins football.

I have a 7month old son that keeps me from spending too much time on my hobbies, just waiting till he's old enough to go outside and play with the "old man".

Fleet mechanic for the LAPD...I do fabrication on the side, automotive, and speacial effects. I also noticed this board is little quiet some times...guess I should post more often.

I like to trail ride, Cal City(out by Edwards) Red Mountain, El Mirage, the desert!

I'm a single parent, with a 15 yr old who rides a 97' YZ125...who always wants to race me. If I don't get back in shape soon, he just might whip me...but not yet! Love my Bike...

I have a BS in Finance and an MPA degree but have been in IT related fields for the last nine years. I got layed off a few months ago as an IT Manager.

Money starting to get tight so I decided to start my own business as a Value Added Resaler of computers and related equipment.

I have been riding for 19 years, 11 of which on an 85 XR600R. When the 2000 XR650R came out, I just had to have one of those!

I don't get to ride much either as I have three kids aged 7,4 and 2.

I work at a hire/hardware/gardening business in Oz. I maintain the hire equipment ie Chainsaws lawnmowers, generators, pumps, trailers etc, plus repairs to customers equipment. I've only done this job for about a week, but am enjoying it! I'm single so I still find too much time to play with and ride WR or XR. My latest project is rebuilding an '84 XR200RE which has a blown crank. I'm using an '85 XL250RF crankcases/crank/balancer with the original XR gears,clutch, top-end-which will work!! Can't wait to get the beast hammering!! :)

I play piano in a whore house.

im a cable tv tech in field service. i ride every sunday in the woods of north nj. i race my 650r in the east cost enduro asso. in the tri state area. im married with 2 girls and one on the way. 4 and 2 years old. later :)

I am a 23 year-old school teacher in Washougal, WA (I live about ten minutes from the world famous track). I have no kids, but getting married in July. I am currently trying to ride at least once a week because my buddies have all warned me that riding will be a thing of the past in a few months. I ride mostly tight, rocky, muddy woods in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington.

I drive a fire truck for a living. But I'm not sure which is more fun , the bike or the truck. I'll let you know. I live in Alpine ,CA with trails and fire roads 2 miles to 20 miles from my house. Have desert toys but always wanted a dual sport. Have a wife and stepson (kx100), took the wife riding the other day and I think she might be hooked. As for what to do when I grew up, FORGET IT, because I grew up once and this is alot more fun. By the way will someone please answer my question on oil consumption for my xr650l , 3/4 of a quart in 300 miles seems alittle excessive, am I right?

The 650 doesnt have problems, by now we all know about all the best mods because the bike has been out for years.Hard to come up with anything new worth mentioning,especially if you do a search on your proposed topic first.Other forums have alot of bogus posts. There is one today under cr450 which says{am i the only one not riding today]. Personally I figure we are here to talk about bikes,not who is not riding.

I'm a biologist and, for now, I'm teaching and getting my MSc.

I'm nuts about enduro and I don't loose a round of it near here!!


XR 600, all original except handmade aluminium ring and grid muffler arrestor (mainly to avoid dirt entering in the falls)!!


25 year old autobody tech originaly from Georgia. Just moved here to Utah to get away from the crowded East coast. Just purchased '97 XR600 to get back into dirt riding after many years of street riding. If I ever get back into street riding again, I think it will be on a supermotard XR6!!!

i think the slowness of the xr forums is a product of bulletproof bikes. plus, i'm sticking my neck out here, i think there is a tendency for some of the motocross guys to dress their bikes the way little girls dress barbie dolls. and then they want to talk about it afterwards. i know it's not just a product of the site, living in so cal i've learned that "everybody rides, but not everybody rips." my 2 cents on your first paragraph. i'm prepared to get flamed now :)

btw: i have a journalism and geography degree, work for a software company, and was putting in about 3 to 4 rides a week on my hondas...before i got hurt.

ive got your barbie doll!no need to be a name caller just becuase you ride barge!kidding of course!


I envy you guys/girls who live in the southern states. I'm in Canada. Wet, cold and three feet of snow 3-4 months of the year. 31 years old automotive worker (Toyota) Married, 2 year old, and one due in Sept. I just got the 2002 XR650R 5 weeks ago and last week end it put me in the hospital. Separted AC. The riding don't stop once you get married it only gets better if you get the wife and family out there with you. Buy her a quad and let her toot around while your out burning up the fire trails. Get the family interested. As for the areial work it's all a matter of bravery (stupidity). I'm 240lbs compared to the 150lbs freestyler out there. So I have no problems throwing the big beast around. The bike is only 28lbs more than the heaviest whiner. Pretty light for the big ass, horse power, toque ripping, the XR650R is well renowned for. Beside I know like the rest of us know we won't be putting new pistons in every year.


Good idea to get things moving!

I am an ER nurse that recently took an administrative job in the hospital (a rest from the madness! Doc. Penner can vouch!) I live in eastern Ohio. Happily married with a baby due in november. I had a ZX11 for years(no limits to temptation) and recently sold it and am sticking to the the dirt for now. I average a ride a week in the the heart of AMA GNCC territory.

I bought the wife an XR200 so she could partake in the festivities but I realized there is a right-way and a wrong-way to bite the dust, and she has the wrong-way down (no grace). Needless to say, I am selling the XR200 and buying a quad for her!(after the baby is born of course)


Tell us some more horse sh*t! I like it!


Way to lay it out there lad. I am not an MXer, (definately not into barbie clothing: Good point though) occasionally I throw the old freight train around on the MX track for a work out, but the woods is my domain. I got your back if you start getting trashed!

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One thing that I've noticed about the XR forum on this site, is that it's pretty slow compared to the other's...

The quantity of posts in a forum is inversely proportional to the reliability of the bike being discussed......

38 year-old computer programmer/analyst/dba working for a large telecom company. I try to ride as much as possible; CR500 every Wednesday at our club's track, XR650L as many Saturdays as the wife will let me get away with. I also ride to work as much as possible.

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