What does the average XR owner do for a living?

Yo XR Riders!! Big Jimi..45 year old Ski-Area Manager, married with children 12 & 10. I'm an old-school Enduro rider & started riding in the mid-seventies on DT Yamahas in Durango, Co., where I lived for 15 years & went to college. Rode those bikes anywhere & everywhere, so my favorite riding is singletrack, fire-roads & backroads. I was heavily into the Mtn./Road bicycle racing scene in Durango, & still ride bikes alot to try to stay in shape. I was a ski patroller for a long time, & all my buddies rode Enduros, so I'm kinda keeping things rolling along in Ct. like out in Co.. I love the XR650L because it is so reliable, rides great & is the perfect bike for adventure riding!! It's always good on an XR!

Hey guys,

I am a 40 y/o chiropractor, married with 3 kids. I just purchased a 2000 650R and so far am really happy with it. I live in southeastern AZ and we have lots of riding all over. We are into the "hot" season here so most of the riding is in the morning. Well I guess its off to work now.



I'm 21. To support my habit, I run a warehouse for the local school district.

I'm 18, go to Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, but reside from San Diego, Ca. I have an XR 600, but am selling it to buy an XR 650. I frequently go to the Imperial County dunes and ride at Pismo Beach. I love trail riding too, like Mammoth and other California mountain ranges. My other pride and joy is my 1979 Chevy 4x4 pickup truck. I have been fixing it up for the last 4 years and it is in pristeen condition now. I also have the most perfect and beautiful girlfriend in the whole world. Me, my truck, my XR, and my girl...I am set for life.

34 year old (yet think I am still 21), father of two, husband to one wonderfull wife (she reads this too) and works in the IT industry.

hey, i dont ride an XR, but i lurk. anyways, 27 USN, 1 wife, 1 daughter(Gods little joke on me) from CO orig, but now call w. wash home.what up people.

There is a security issue here when it comes to motorcycles. Most XR riders are either new(er) to the offroad scene, or are way experienced enough to know what they need. We know that wide ratio transmissions on mildly tuned motorcycles are what we need for long enjoyable rides.

On the other hand you get the type that buys a motocross bike, doesnt race,, gets his gf or wife the same thing, and never gets far from the truck. But he looks like Ricky, Jeremy,,Travis etc.

Last night a friend of mine who has 50 years of riding experience,,,,(pales my 39 years of it)and I were discussing why there are so few people who buy what they really need, instead of what they think they should 'look like'. Those other people are the ones who talk more as they try to convince themselves they aren't really "wannabes".

To note I have several high performance two strokes from my RPM kitted yz125 to an early watercooled CR500 (kept for the rush I still occasionally crave) to my XR250.

I still have some older xr500's that were bought by me over 20 years ago to go in circles on. I found I liked them because I could build them into anything I wanted.

I buy them now because they come built into what I need and like pretty much from the factory. The downside to riding one is that on long rides I am generally back at the truck(s) earlier and in better shape than most of my non XR friends. So I have to get out the coolers and unlock things more than the other riders. Usually I am moving before them so I ride alone while they are getting theirs started or adjusting something.

For a living I own a business. Went to college long enough to avoid the draft and get some degrees. Just turned 51. I have always been as interested in the machinery as the riding itself. Raced seemingly since I was a baby. (I don't anymore though).

I enjoy this column for the questions from the riders who are just beginning an exciting activity all the way to the guys with a world of experience to share. Oh,,and the lack of 'posers' ,makes it nice too.

I see one of my "alums" nice to see you Pismo. Class of 74. Terry Davis was there when I started. (of Terry Cable and Ty Davis's father).

I'm a manager for an automotive financial services company. I've been riding both street and dirt for 28 of my 43 years. Did street bikes until I nearly got killed on the Southern California freeways (not worth the risk, NO WAY!)and have been back on the dirt for the last 13 years. Finally sold my CR250 for a 00 650R this year so I could join my buddies on dual sport rides and Baja. I love the bike, but even with my 6'6" 220lb frame I seem to lay this bike down at least once a ride. The front weight bias and my inattentive riding get the best of me on slow, 5 mph single lane trails. I do love the bike but have started thinking about adding a smaller, lighter 4 stroke(XR250)to the fleet as a buddy/play bike for the tight, forest type riding. My 650R has a host of mods from Excell rims, White bros suspension with increased spring rates, Applied Triple, w/Carmichael bars,Edlebrock, BD street kit. Love the rush of the big power and nothing climbs hills like the big red tractor. Just wish it weighed about 40lbs less.

Hey, another Cal Poly alum. (class of '90). Now I run a small brewery in Riverside. I try to ride my '00 650R every weekend - usually around Lake Arrowhead or Barstow (temperature permitting) with the occasional trip to Baja.



I am brand-new to this site and was so happy to stumble upon it. My husband rides an XR650. He has a BA in Art/Illustration and is art director for a company that puts on motorcycle trade shows (dealer and consumer shows). They do the giant Dealer Expo in Indiannapolis every year. (He took me along this year, and he was like a kid in a candy store.) He does all of their promotional materials. He also does WAY TOO MUCH freelance work in the motorcycle industry, designing video sleeves, product catalogues and other promo materials. (Check out his site at www.mwgraphicdesign.com) (Is it too obvious that I am very proud of him???) He is also president and founder of Corona Riders (www.coronariders.com), a club for all types of bikes. As you can imagine, he is quite a motorcycle enthusiast, both street and offroad. (He does not drive a car, ever. He commutes in rain/fog/heat/whatever every single day 70 miles round-trip). We live in Corona, CA with our 3 daughters ages 16,14 and 2. After moving here, we discovered that most of the major manufacturers have test tracks here in Corona. One of them is accessable and you can stand on the street and watch the freestyle kids do their amazing stunts that seem to defy the laws of physics (and common sense...). (WHERE ARE THEIR MOTHERS???) Anyway, we live 2 miles from the Cleveland Nat'l Forest and we really enjoy cruising the fire roads that wind through the hills, past pine forests and all the way to the ocean. It is beautiful up there and amazingly, we rarely see other riders. Currently, I am just a passenger on his bike. This is going to change. For Mother's Day, he sent me to the Honda Dirtbike school in Colton, CA. It was AWESOME. So now I want my own bike, of course. Probably a little XR200. We are waiting patiently for our littlest daughter to grow so she can get on a little 50. They are so cute!!!!! Well, I guess my enthusiasm got the better of me and I said way too much, sorry. Brevity was never my strongpoint.

I'll agree with the statment that most XR riders know the type of riding they do, and have enough experience (maturity) to know what kind of bike is best for them. I am employed as a civil engineer (can't say work cuz that's a verb and all I do is sit at a desk). Try and ride a couple times a month, either on the western side of the mountains, tight and snotty, or in Eastern Wa. with a bunch of quads on the dunes. Got a little guy, 14mos, and can't wait to buy him an XR 50.

29, own a small design studio, getting married next week. Soon to be wife still doesn't like the beast. Live in Calgary. Live to push the limit.

I do accounting, IT, planning and reporting stuff. I get around all right for 43 :)


Is it the Riverside Brewing Company near Mission Inn? I love that place!!!


Glad you like it. I don't run the restaurant's brewery. We have another one where all packaging is done. I run that one and do all of the graphics for the restaurant.


34, I,m a hotel engineer in Aspen,Co.I usually ride once a week around Co and Utah on my XR4 and ride it to work several days a week.

I'm over here from the WR400 - current bike is dual sported '99 WR400 - side of the house.... I had a '88 XR600 and my wife rides a '92 XR250. Can I stay?

Another Cal Poly alum - ME '95. I usually make it down for the Penguins DS but unfortunately not this year :)

I'm a mechanical engineer for Agilent Technologies (split from HP) in Santa Rosa, CA. Married, no kids but we have a black lab & a cat.


For the CP's I didnt get much chance to do Penguin stuff when I was there (early 70's). I was gone most weekends (races). During the week I was trying to keep something similar to a gpa. You many know that Paul Thede of RaceTech is another alum. Seems like between he and Terry Davis,(if you can believe it he has a degree in soil science) it seems like CP was the place for suspension people. I think it was because we all rode down the center of the railroad tracks to get to riding areas. Maybe LaPanza had something to do with it.

I am a 45 year old PACS Administrator for the largest not for profit hospital in Alabama.

I rode thumpers as a kid. (78 Yam XT600 '84 Kaw 600KLT? KLR? KL something) I ride thumpers for one reason...WHEELIES! I have a 2001 XR650L with Supertrapp quiet core and K&N air filter. Rejetted to 155. Going to look into this smog pump removal thing as I have just discovered TT and not heard of this mod before.

Does anybody know what the "top" wheel is for on this bike?

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