What does the average XR owner do for a living?

I am a fleet maintenance mechanic for the City of Calgary. I have 2 kids, a daughter 14 and a son 10. He rides and she doesn't. I've been riding for about 20 years off and on. I haven't been riding yet this year since I broke my leg at the beginning of March. Hoping to get out soon !!!

Hi Folks,

I'm 38, married, 2 kids, 2 bikes :) . I work on helicopters (Chinooks) and crew them as a flight engineer. Been in the Army Reserves 20 years and wonder where all the time went. I think I'm 22 but don't feel it! Love to ride the XR 650L with my wife and rip through the woods on the YZF.

Life is good.

The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

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Sheep farmer and stay at home dad. Former bear trapper for the state and have held so many other crazy jobs that I can't even remember them all. Married with 2 year old son who is my pride and joy. I grew up on XR's and I know how to ride XR's. Nothing else feels quite right to me. After at least 15 XR's of every size my 650R is by far the best. It feels light to me. I love the handling and have no problems jumping it either. It has been totally reliable and I got it dirt cheap. I love it. I was a GNCC competitor for several years and I like the 650 so much I just might hit it again. If you can get over whining about the weight and just ride it this bike works great in the east.

General building contractor. 33. Hot wife(xr100). Pride and joy 5 year old boy(xr50).

Surrounded by great riding areas here in Lake County. Small town living. Lake two blocks away with great fishing.

Nevada 1000 coming in less than two weeks! I will ride every mile in the Ironman Ex class. Its a good life!

Im a 43 yr old who loads and un-loads ships in the port of Los Angeles.

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I am a 31 year old plumber in Cambridge MA but I live and ride in New Hampshire. I have a 1997 XR600R. I think the only reason that the Honda XR forum is slow is that the XR 600 is totaly bullet proof. Nothing goes wrong with them,there is nothing to talk about other than they are awsome. If I am not working I am riding. The reason I am writing now is that I broke my foot on the bike a few weeks ago. But as soon as I am better you can bet I will be riding.

I am a 55 yr old school teacher (semi-retired). My '87 XR600R is gathering dust while I ride my '98 Wr400F. The XR would always wear me out on any ride. The WR isn't nearly so harsh on my tired bones. My cousin just led me on a 73 mile ride at Redbird (KY). I could not have made half that trip on the XR600. But I still complained all the way about how tough of a ride he was taking me on!

Hubby rides an 02 XR650R. He's been riding off and on since he was 15 (now 29). Mostly desert riding - but looking for some mountain trails to try. I'm still learning but recently bought an XR400. We are loving them! Fun, outdoor, fresh air sport where we are together (I hate golf - frustrating!!)

He works in show's and promotions (gets to go to may of the FedEx CART races) and I work as an office manager for a CPA. No kids yet!

Glad we found this place. Lots of good info!

Network Administrator in Robbinsdale, MN. Finally replaced my stolen KLR650 with the XR650L. Found this site soon as I got the Honda. Haven't got off road with it yet. Don't have the smarts to do any modifying, nor the pocketbook. Soon as I do, what are the first mods I should make to my '99 with only 890 miles?

New too the board, great site! 39 and 3/4 year old healthcare consultant in Radiology. Lived in Michgan all my life. Started riding at age 8 and had a bike until about 10 years ago when I got married. Bought an 80mph bass boat and got my jollies that way. I bought a second home in Northern Michigan - some of the best woods riding in the country. Just had to get another bike so I just picked up a used 2001 650R. I used to have an 86 600R which I prefered over my CR500's. It was easy getting back in the saddle again. Now I just got to get back to speed on the hop-ups. Workin on that now. Happy trails to all!

Kind of rude for me to forget my AWESOME 4 year old son Devon who already rips on his XR50 with training wheels!

I'm 45 years old and I'm a process technician for a CD rom company. I also ride sweep part time for a baja tour goup 6-8 times a year. :)


Which tour group do you ride sweep for and do they need any more sweep riders? I can't get enough of riding down there.


I'm a 35 year old OEM Air Conditioning Company Service Manager that's been riding my BRP for 1 1/2 years. Took a break from riding while in the Army (not sure why). I started on a XR75 at 10 years old, XL 100 (125? been a while), CB400, Virago 920, break, 1986 XL 600, then my 2000 BRP. Awesome wife that loves to ride her 250X quad and camp at the ORV parks or MX track. Two boys, 3 and 6, both race MX on a Husky and KTM, respectively.

Applied top triple clamp

Pro Tapers

Uncorked (biggest kick in the pants)

A paddle tire once in a while

Still needs stiffer springs and revalving

I'm a powertrain engineer for one of the big three (should I say the big two - the other one is not

an American company anymore). Anyway, I'm a motor / gearhead big time, and have ridden dirt bikes for 25 years, and still love every minute of it. I just don't go as fast as I once used to. I don't have the time to ride as much, and not too long ago tried to ride like I did when I was 22, but ended up skidding on the ground, taking a rock in the lower back, and recovering for 4 months. Hard to do when you got a mortgage and mouths to feed.

i'm just living at home doing yard work for a living. making enough each summer to save up for a new xr every couple years. I HAVE NO LIFE. and i don't like to talk a lot either/

42 years old, work as a computer tech. Ride 4 bikes, a Banshee for glamis, a XR600 setup for Moto, and also for Glamis, (more fun than the Banshee), and xR600 for trail riding, an a CR250 also for Moto.

Hey, ya'll, I just wanted to say that I'm stoked that this message is still going strong. It's good to hear about everybody...KEEP EM' COMING!!!

32 yr old underachieving lawyer. used to live/work in NY city, now trying to relocate to europe (also have Greek passport) used to have XL 250, then XL 600, then Yamaha FJ1100 (great stable touring bike on which lapped US) now have xr600 in Greece but don't get to ride it enough as I'm not allowed to live there more than three months a year (military service issues)

no kids, no real girlfriend at moment, hope to eventually settle down and get an XR650R and an 1100 Blackbird - best of both worlds!

ride safe

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