What does the average XR owner do for a living?

38 y.o. Automotive Master Technician. Started riding at age 6 with a sears mini bike, then a Honda trail 70, then a trail 90. As a teen I turned wrenches for my buddy's cr 125. He raced, and I did a lot of riding on that one myself. Had a hopped up suzuki gs 550 that put me in a body brace for a few mos. Then a 76 Yamaha rd 400 and a 84 cr 250. I sold the cr a few mos back and wanted something streetable and canyon worthy. Got a 88 xr 600 2 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier(sept for when the main jet fell out last week). I have had a lot of fast bikes, but none have had near the torque of this monster. :)

Good question!! I own 2001 xr 650r that is street legal , i trail ride and put on canadien studded ice screw tire for the winter on the ponds and lakes here in New Hampshire. I love the bike WILL pull a cr 450f in a big track on the ice ha ha ha. I am a auto body painter at a Gm dealer here and I'm married I wish I could ride more because they are about to open up more trails here.Yeah it is queit here but like someone said they are relible ride.

Consultant for an owner-builder company that helps people build premium quality custom homes across the United States. Rode and raced motocross all through the "Golden Age". The first job I ever had was at Malcolm Smith's motorcycle shop off of La Cadena in Riverside. Great job for a kid! Spun my knee out on my Maico 400 (if you think stock foot pegs suck now, you should have seen what we had to deal with back in the "Golden Age"!). After limping/racing for 2 more years I hung it up for, oh say, 20 years or so. Got back into it and all I have to say is.."What was I thinking?!!" I never realized what a major part of my life I let sit dormant for so long! Feels real good to be riding again. The best part is now I can share it with my son & daughter. Life is Good! Oh yeah, and one more thing...Thanks Asteresk, your knee braces ROCK!

29yr old with a passion for that red monster.Luv to hear people say<THATS A 650 DIRTBIKE>yup and she hauls butt.(weekdays)project manager for a telecom contractor.MARRIED with one child-little girl(2yrs).she knows all the colors/names of dirtbikes.Drives moma crazy.Mostly ride once a month on a sat or sun.There is from 3 of us to 10 ,riddin any place thats not too dusty.NO-OILERS IS OUR NAME AND WE STICK TO IT.


00 xr650r

94 klx650r

01 xr400r

02 yz426f(allmost a oiler)

01 wr426

86 xr350

83 xr500r

00 drz400

just turned 17, work at my dads work, can am auto salvage where i do pretty much anything to help keep my 650


00 650r

Replies have been coming in for over 3 months! None of us are "average", yet what ties us together is the big XR :D . I'm 48, medical physicist in radiation oncology, married (she tried a 250 Rebel but at 5' she and the bike were too small to be safe on the street, however she rides horses :) ), motorcycle-mechanic step-son (we talk a lot about bikes!), other times I'm a pilot and a horseman. Bikes owned (and I'll get to the point in a minute): '67 Bultaco 175 (my brother gave it to me and I said "What, it isn't a Honda?" - but I was so happy to have a bike I road the wheels off it), '71 Husky 400 Bengt Aberg replica, college, more college, '82 Husky 390 Automatic (fun bike in the woods - just don't let off the gas or you're soon in 1st gear), '84 Husky 400CR, '84 Honda VFR1000 Interceptor (a sled with 16" tires f/b but ran great and looked cool), my first dual sport: '87 Cagiva (Ducati) 650 Elefant (learned a lot from that bike), '87 Harley-Davidson Low Rider (fun for awhile), second d/s: '89 XR600 streetable, '98 Suzuki 1200 Bandit (what a deal, cheap and fast - great even 4yrs later), '01 Yamaha WR426 - great suspension and throttle response but much narrower power band than my XR. Sold the WR two days ago. A mechanic my son works with has an '01 XR650 street legal with some mods for sale. I realize how great it is to ride on paved roads when I need to w/o ticket from the man for riding "that there dirt bike on a public highway".

:D Should I even consider anything else than XR650 for streetable, dirt, sand, mild-medium hill climb, desert riding? Thanks for listening "... to all the bikes I've loved before ..." Private comments welcome or flame me here. physdon@aol.com

I've been an Electronic Tech for the last eight years.

XR600 '86 old but still thumps

Baja kit

I have the 01 BRP, I am 35, live in Portland and work as a vendor for Applied Materials at Intel Hillsboro as a Equipment Engineer. I rode a CR125 when I was 16-17 years old and bought the BRP when I was 35 Years old. I ride at Browns and China Hat near Bend. Hope to ride everywhere else that I can.

Mechanical Engineer: I design locomotives. I am married and have 2 kids and a morgage payment. Love to ride just can't seem to find the time. Although in August(02) I got to ride with Scott Summers, and I and my bike were featured in RED RIDER Jan/Feb issue page 38, and that's me on page 40-41 in the middle of the picture. Couldn't help but to mention it caus it was soooooo cool.

I am 32, and all w/in 1 year I have; bought a home, got married, broke my foot on my 01 CR250 this summer,and re-started going back to college so there is a lot less time for riding. I am a field service rep and travel around so cal troubleshooting applications, setting up, and repairing plastic manufacturing equipment that my comp sells. I have always liked things w/ alot of power thats why I chose the XR650R. XR's are the greatest bikes, for the most part I can throw a leg over any XR and w/ in minutes I am at home on the bike and rippin around. It seems like Honda has great ergos. By the way, 2 yrs ago, I went to the Honda dealer and bought 2 brand new bikes at the same time (I was a hero to all my buds), a 01 CR250 and 00 XR650, 1 for the track and dunes and the other for everything, (including Baja), but the track. I guess I like to have 2 bikes to make me feel at ease. Before that I had a 95 XR600 and a 95 KX500.

Digital telephone switch engineer for wireless communications companies here.

67 year old retired Sr Mfg Engineer. Just went back to work and don't ask why. Cuz I don't know but I'm having fun. LOL

Spent 45 years in the Aerospace industry, mostly with Parker Hannifin.

Started riding in 1963 on a 80cc yamaha trail bike.

Raced desert on & off until 4 years ago and just ride dual sport stuff now.

Went thru Yamaha, Montesa, Matchless, Triumph and Hondas.

Brought up my kids and now my grandkids using dirt bikes to shape their lives. Some of you know the drill, get out of line and you don't ride. What a powerful tool.

30 years old, own a welding supply business in orange married no kid but looking to adopt, ride a lot of desert but just found daul sport, and is my knew love, after my wife.

33 years old ------------------ feel like iam 50

Printer 15 years -------------- pressman 8/40 mitsubishi

married 8 years -------------- love of my life

two boys 3 1/2 & 4 months - soon to be my riding partners

two dogs choc lab & blk lab --- my 90 lb lap dogs

two bikes xr 650r & flhr ------ best of both worlds

35 y.o. shop owner who stays sane riding any bike on the weekend(1 1/2 days a week). Also keeps sane during the week reading dirt or street bike threads.

37 yrs. Former expert mountain biker, 10 years, Up and dowm hill.

Married 3 yrs. 15 mo old son. He came out making 4 stroke noises! Auto tech speciallizing in steering, suspension and brakes on exotic cars.

The older I get, the faster I was!!

Production oil rig operator, in Bakersfield ca area.

mostly rode streed bikes until i bought 2001 KLR650, rode it until i outgrew it and traded up to a 02 XR650R. Love it.. mostly stock except for hop up kit.

Spends all his time trying to figure out what to do for a living to be able to afford a DR-Z :):D

:D This poser must be referring to the extensive maintenance schedule that must be followed when owning a Suzuki. My buddy lost his battery and it was like $100 to replace it. I can also see some possible $$$ if you break one of those flimsy radiators, or better yet the side covers on the cases.

Buddy, take a trip to a local riding area and let me know what the most popular bike is: XR???? And the oldest, best running bike there: XR????

Simply put, XR riders have more free time :)

Hey Ryan,

Since he just abruptly entered your classroom spouting off and wearing the wrong color clothes, send him to the principal's office :)

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