What does the average XR owner do for a living?


Aside from taking cheap shots on the arm from Keithco, and Kev_XR on this site, I am 38, and a Business Marketing Student. No kids, that I know of, and women don't like nice guys, so I'm not married. Bought my '97 XR 400/440 4 months ago, and have finally stopped adding to it, for a while now that is(the list of goodies it has is too long for here, but far less than the price of a new $5,200.00+ 2003 XR). Grew up on the killer Honda CT70, then ventured to a Hodaka Ace 100. Stopped riding to persue women and work. After 20 years, and finding out I was getting nowhere, (Invisible Ceiling) I went back to school, and looked for the right XR. Found it, and am not getting rid of it anytime soon. Family and friends will always be there.

Style. If you don't know what you are doing, then at least look like you know what you're doing!

Work as a petroleum equipment technician - construction,service for 13 yrs. Back into riding after a long time off and now have two of my sons into riding as well (what a blast!). Seems more fun than it was when I was younger/faster/(more)stupid. Guess I just appreciate it more now. Literally got off the bike and said,"Holy ****"! the first time I rode it. Been love ever since.

Boise, I saw that article in the Honda Riders club mag...I bet that was cool.

I drive a big tank truck and suck excrement of out porta-potties. During my free time I pick up aluminum cans on the side of the road so I can make the payments on my KTM. :)

28, married, 3yo cute little girl Purchasing Mgr and Production planner for an aerospace valve mfgr for 2.5 yrs. Used to be.....a Chevy/Toyota tech,a Service advisor, dispatcher, auto detailer, pizza boy, porn star :).....I wish :D.

Quick! Shut the door! Another off-breed snuck in, eeeekk!

That's a funny looking XR! Didn't know they made em in yeller.

Another off-bread snuck in, eeeekk!

:):D :DYa forgot to lock the door! :D

When I first posted my job, (piano player in a whore house), at the beginning of this posting a long time ago, things seemed so secure. Unfortunately - current economic conditions have convinced my employer to lay me off.

Now I am a "laid off" whore house piano player. One thing I have come to realize about jobs is that you don't miss the work as much as you miss your co-workers :)

Hang in there Dutch! The World Needs Whorehouse Piano Players! :)

28 year old general contractor...really just a carpenter who builds furniture in a modest shop, but occasionally I accept remodel and new construction jobs. Have one wonderful wife, one great 3 year old son and one set of precious 1 year old twin girls. My family comes first, but I still manage to ride several times a week. It helps that my wife likes riding her quad. The boy will get a 50 this spring.

Hey Dutch

You's in luck, I'm looking at hiring a dude for my porta-potty operations. There's alot of crap in this town so buisness is good. I'll even throw in the bio-hazard suit for free since you're a swell guy. :D

I'll need the extra time to pick up more aluminum cans on the freeway. I'm planning on turning my KTM 625 into a SuperDuperMoTurd. :) I'll need the extra cash to throw away on this totally useless project. Got some tires and rims off a YSR50 and going to bolt them up along with some brakes off my kid's 10-speed.

I'll be so cool, people will think I'm from France or something. Parle Voo Frenchy? :D

There ya go Dutch! You just need a Gimmick! :) You can be the only Whorehouse Piano player in a Bio Hazard Suit! I predict the you will be very much in demand! Remember DEVO? :D

It's almost poetic isn't it - not working for "the house" anymore and being "laid off". :)

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