Sunday ride

Went riding today with a friend, he was on a WR250. We were riding in some incredibly hilly country here in Tennessee. About 20 miles into the ride, pretty much lost we made our way down a logging road that had not been used in a year or two. Pieces of logs everywhere and the trail was getting progressively worse with a big rut in the middle. My friend went into the rut but that is another story. We were almost to the bottom of the hill and there was a tree growing across the trail at a 45 degree angle and it was hard to go under it so I let loose with some cussing about how crappy this trail was. Right after that I saw some buildings and we came out right in the middle, and I mean the middle of a church picnic at the missionary Baptist church. The people looked kinda stunned but what could I do? I found out later that my friend had let out some choice words at the very same spot, I just had not heard them.

It was a fun ride tho.

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