GA426OWNER : Need Directions

Missed you Saturday dude :D , It rained Like Hell and I played cheerleader on my WR. :D Spent the day today putting on new set of Bars and a front fork cover. It was fun anyway. :)

The wife wants me to take her up to Houston Valley this Wednesday for a morning ride. You said on the phone there was a shorter route off the highway?

Could you either post it here or e-mail it too me. Thanks....

Next run scheduled for a week from Saturday to the Talledaega National Forest in Anniston AL. (Next Saturday is Water Ski weekend at Lake Martin) :D

Looking at having 15 to 20 on our next ride.....Join us if you can.

YamaCazi, sorry I have been out of touch lately, today is the first time I have looked at this site in a month. I have my WR back & am ready to ride. Are you going anywhere this weekend 14/15th?

YEP :) Going to Anniston Alabama to the Talledaga National forest ORV Area (Way Cool Ride, like Houston Valley only faster). Looks like we're going to go early Saturday morning so that we can ride before the 90 deg heat sets in for the day. You could hook up with the leader of this event (Steve K from Dallas Ga) and Ride down and back with him. Call me and I'll give you his contact #.


YamiCasi, is this Kentuck ORV area in Anniston? I have been there many times. Do you know if the noice patrol/park rangers are out there? At this point I can meet you all out there on Sat am. I also have extra space on trailer if needed.

I havn't been there for a while now. I spoke with a couple of guy's this afternoon who have been out there lately, they say nobody has said anything to them about their 400's or 426's. Was there an earlier problem at Kentuck with the Noise Police ?

Response to your question from Steve:


I have never seen them out there but I have seen a bunch of 426's out there

I don't think it will be a problem.


Yea, I was out there 1.5 yrs ago & all bikes & ATV's had to pass a sound check. They had a piece of equipment that they put at the end of your exhaust to measure volumn. I had to keep adding disk to my then, XR400 w/ FMF Megamax until I could pass. I saw them turn others away ie....every 2stroke w/o a sparkarrester. But the place is fun, I like all of the loops. The parking lot is a little cramped but thats is part of the deal.

As I remember it is about 1.5hrs from Atlanta.

OK...It appears that we are set for Kentuck this weekend. We have 9 folks going as of today. We are all going to meet at 7:30am at the Alabama Welcome Center on I-20. I will be driving a green full size Ford Custom Van pulling a 20ft White enclosed race trailer with the # 53 and logo's on the sides and rear. If you have a nextel e-mail me and I'll give you our radio ID's .

Bonzai...... :)

SLIGHT CHANGE OF PLAN FOR ME: I will be going on Sunday now instead of Saturday due to a problem with my Van....Shop won't be finnished with it until 12pm on Sat.

Steve and the majority of the guys will still be going out there as planned on Saturday. I'll be escourting anouther group on Sunday.

YamiCasi, I will call you Sat. to discuss Sunday. This may work better for me also.

Greetings GA426OWNER, Yesterday was awsome. Either I'm getting in better shape or my suspension settings are finally dialed in. I rode Kentuck from 9am until 3pm virtually non stop( Except for two bee attacks and to pull a KTM driver out of a gully. Man those trails were fast. Early was great riding but started running into congestion and two way traffic from about 1:30pm onward. The park ranger and forestry service guys said they are going to be grooming the trails for the next two weeks (Mon-Fri) to clear some of the DEEP ruts that the ATV's have dug out. Everyone had a great time (Had 10 show up). It was 110 miles one way for me, and $30 worth of gas....But I think I'll do it again soon. The Ranger didn't say anything about noise, there was my WR (Uncorked) and atleast 7 426's running the trails. The only thing that happened was my riding buddy got his butt chewed out by a ranger for riding in the parking lot without a helmet on.

Bonzai..... :)

Sorry, I could not make it. My mother unexpectedly came in from out of town. I ended up taking 2-3 hrs to go to Whissenhunt in Dalonega yesterday. What a disaster! after being on the trail for 10min. some Yahoo on a xr200 T-Boned me at speed, knocked me over, his handle bars in my back. Broke my shifter. As I was getting ready to kill him, he explained this was the first time he had been on a motorcycle. I went wild on him, the Gartha morons any & everyone. Every time I go to that place either someone gets broken bones or somthing.

Never again.......I might be avail next Sun, if you are scheduling rides. Take care

GA426OWNER: A group of us are going back to Kentuck Sunday morning and are planning to ride from 9am until 3pm. Yellow Jeep Wrangler with small trailer and White Pick-up with a 3 banger trailer. Gotta drive my jeep...Cost me $30. bucks just in gas from Atlanta with the Van and Race trailer last weekend. Will have cell phone.

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