wh;y does it keep leting me down?

along with the horrible starting after a dump that has cost me races. yesterday at mile 7 of the enduro wile blasting past two 2-smokes my right peg and rear break broke off. there for ending what seemed to be the best race of my carrer. i was jumping past two guys that where taking the long way around a 2 to 3 foot dirt pile and where stalled so i took the jump to pass them. the landing was flat ground. i didn't bottom but all the bolts snaped off. :D whats with that :D has this happened to anyone else? :) i have to get the bolts out of the frame somehow now :D another stupid design. they should have welded the the peg mount like the left side! :D i don't get it! what should i do to stop this from happing again! i did notice that the bolts require regualer tighting and i haven't checked that in a couple of rides. my falt :D

A friend of mine had his peg bolts break off also the biggest problem we had with his is that we never found the peg. To remove the broken bolts from the frame we drilled them and used and easy out. The reason this peg is bolted on is so you can remove the engine more easily. Good Luck

thanks. i should have stoped for the peg but i tried to race the eduro with one. stupid me i should have accepted the defeat then. now i have to by a peg and break pettel. did your friend use lock tight to stop them from comming lose? i have thought about it. later :)

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