Factory parts online?

Not to talk bad about my local Honda shop's, but does anybody have a good link so that I can order factory Honda parts online? Preferably with microfiche?


Here's the best sites around I've found for buying factory Honda parts.


This company sells factory OEM parts and also has the microfiche online for many bikes including the XR650R so you can easily find the part number you're looking for. They are not the least expensive place to buy from, but I've heard good things about their service and they do offer good discount coupons from time to time.



One of the best discount Honda OEM parts places on the net. Just plug in your Honda part number to see the retail and their discount prices. I've bought a ton of stuff from them in the past and have always had good experiences, but I've also heard other people complaining about their service. I've always dealt with a person there by the name of 'pooh', so maybe that's why I've had good service.



Another great discount OEM parts source. Many times their prices are even better than Service Honda, but not always. Just plug in your Honda part number to see their price.

This sure beats buying parts from my local dealers who want to charge me full retail because not only do I save a lot of money on the parts themselves, but they are delivered to my door. :)


I just ordered a shifter from this place, I think the price was good. :)

qadsan nailed that question!! I have only delt with service honda and was more than happy with the amount of $$$$ I saved with them, but then I did not know anything about the other links.

HEY ZAIUS! Where in the hell have you been lad! It's been a while since I trashed anybody on TT!

Last time we talked to Zaius he cried on his keyboard and had to get a new one.

Oh, christ.... :)

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