What preformance mods 650R?

What kind of mods are people doing and what do they like and dislike? keep in mind I ride tight woods rides. I have powered up my bike,new DOT tires, new headlight (thanks tree), and went 2 teeth bigger on the rear sprocket has anyone gone more or changed the front?

Not a whole lot you can do for added power besides tearing into the motor. I just put an E-Series pipe on mine, and I'm extremely happy with its performance for tight woods. It smooths out the power really well for dicing through the trees, but it still does great on top end. Is it worth $300 over the stock uncorked pipe? No way, not a chance. Mostly paying for the "cool element."

Many people are going with Edelbrock Qwiksilver pumper carbs for added response and easier starting after a crash.

Probably the most important thing you can do is set the suspension up right. I recently installed .47 kg/mm fork springs, and an 11 kg/mm shock spring. Its much, much better over roots, rocks, etc., and doesn't bottom as much.

I put on a set of Renthal "Jimmy Button" bars, and I really do like them. They have practically the same shape and sweep as the stock XR bars, but about 2" taller.

I also just ordered a applied top triple clamp that moves the bars farther forward. I'll let you know how they work out.

I would say for the woods, invest in a good skidplate, and some barkbusters of some sort.

Hmm.. I tend to never leave anything stock...wife love this aspect....anyways...

00' XR650r

- scott's upper tripple clamp

- pro-tapers

- scott's steering dampener

- billet front mount kit

- panoram pc

- power-up derestriction

- devol alum fr. disc guard

- moose case guard

- scott's rear disc guard

- rear-brake light (str lgl)

- pirelli rear DOT tire 90/10 off/on rd.

- IMS pegs (many wounds from these while working in the garage. Ouch!.)


- HRC Kit

- Ohlin's forks (inverted)

- Ohlin's shock

- scott's lower tripple clamp? (if no Ohlins)

- IMS tank

- carb



I don't think there too many unknown engine bolt ons...everybody does the 49 state hop-up(you better!)

Then an exhaust system replacement, stock system is heavy, after that it's the personal stuff.

1. Pro-Circut T-4 complete system

2. Scotts upper triple clamp

3. Pro-Taper Bars CR Mid bend

4. Alum. skidplate

5. Engine Ice Coolant

6. Baja Designs replacment 55 watt head lite

7. Uni air filter

8. Scotts grips

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