wont run worth a crap

I just pulled off the smog junk and put in a 158 main jet and left in the stock pilot jet. It seems to run good till about the power starts to kick in then bogs down till it almost dies. Did I use too big of a jet? That is the one that is recomended here and by the locol shop. I did not mess with the idle or anything else. I have a Uni air filter, and pulled the baffle out of the stock pipe. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Did you remove the snorkel on top of airbox?? If not that would probably be problem! More fuel needs more air!!

You really need to do all the mods as a set-

snorkel, sir filter, pilot&main jets, shim the needle, drill the slide.

The CV carb is very sensitive to changes in airflow, so its best to get to the 'known good' baseline.

158 should be rich enough foe the stock pipe&baffle removed.


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