how many turns out with aftermarket pilot air screw extension please

made a mistake and didn't record how far out it was before starting to adjust and guess what bike won't start, i have look at previous post and most say to start at about 1.5/2 turns, is that true with the aftermarket one my in red and is numbered 1-4, is each number the same as one turn compared to stock air screw? i have tried all day would like to ride tommorrow, also where do you start with the idle screw i replaced a throttle cable and didn't record where the idle was i know stupid newby but how many turns on the idle screw once it starts moving the throttle wheel thanks guys

You need to start around two full, complete turns out as a baseline and go from there. The numbers are only there so you can see what the position of the screw is when you start fine tuning it. When you seat it just look at the number facing you, mine bottoms out on the 3. Then back it out until you see the three again, twice. That will be 2 turns out.

It's the same as the stock, but extended so you can turn it easier. The numbers are just so you can see where the screw is. This is helpfull because I usually adjust mine every ride depending on the conditions and how its running. I'll look down and see it's on 3 and go to 4 or 2 or whatever...

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