Winter Battery Storage

I will be storing my 650L in a non-heated place for winter. Is there a special thing to do with battery?? Should I remove it and keep in the house? Thanks

I used to use a battery tender (trickle charger) until I discovered sealed batteries. I buy them at a battery store and they seem to hold a charge forever, can be mounted in any position and are vitually indestructible. I have one about the size of two packs of cigarettes that has been in my Honda mower, my XT350 and now my XL600. After two and a half years of much neglect and abuse, it still holds a charge like new. BTW, it was cheaper than a new wet cell Yuasa from the bike shop. Pretty cool things, just zip tie one anywhere on the bike and forget it.

Keeping the battery in a cold place will probalby kill the charge, but corrosion will slow also. If you want to be anal, drain the electrolyte and store the battery dry. Replace it and charge the batt when you plan on riding again.

Store??? Did you know that the XRL will ride through 2 foot of snow? Who wants to store when you can ride. I do not have the snow problem anymore but it does get cold. Long underwear and a good set of First Gear cold weather pants and a good jacket and away we go.

Back to the question. If you have a place to store it inside, remove the battery and place it inside.


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