lever making contact w/case

hey fella's and our female riders...i'm trying to retro fit an 04 clutch cable, bracket and lever on my 03 YZ450. when installing the lever (part#5XD-26381-00-00/5XD-16381-00-00) i notice when the lever is in the "relaxed" position it makes contact w/the case. do i need to file the lever down to add clearance? what other mods do i need to do for this to work? :cry: from what i have read and heard there are no mods other than installing the 04 parts. help needed, thanks. :cry: :cry: :cry:

parts that i have:5XD-15441-00-00, 5UL-26335-00-00, 5XD16381-00-00

FYI, a cable from an 01 YZ426 won't work at the clutch lever end(handle bar). the cable end is too large to fit into the stock adjuster.

Dont know about this mod, but regarding the 01 426 cable end not fitting the lever. Why not drill the hole in the lever larger?

I recently did the 04 mod and had no problems. The 2nd number you have listed for the 04 lever is correct - 5XD-16381-00-00. You can go to the Yamaha Parts Catalog to check all your part numbers. Also, check out this thread for more info on this mod.

Here are some pictures of what it should look like.

In the relaxed position, the lever does not come close to touching the case. If you have the correct lever and it's still touching then it's possible you installed it incorrectly.


You could buy this inexpensive bracket from Home Depot to hold the clutch cable between the frame and radiator.


thanks guys for your help. fastest1...i thought about enlarging the adjuster where the cable goes into the quick adjuster, but the walls of that adj. is really thin and i didn't want it to be paper thin. the reason i tried the 01' cable is my 04 cable is on back order. a friend of mine had the 01' cable and i was hoping it would work.

del_sorcho...i guess with the cable attached to the lower lever, my lever(5XD-16381)may not make contact w/the case neither. i was reffering to when the cable was not attached. i apologize for not being clearer with my statement. i want sooo much for this mode to work. i guess i'll have to wait for the right cable. thanks again guys! :cry:

Yes, without the cable attached if you push the lever in the opposide direction it will make contact with the case. This should not be a problem since the lever only moves forward and not backward. I was amazed with the difference in clutch pull. You will not be dissapointed. :cry:

ok, so yours does it also(?). i was worried that i may not be able to adjust the clutch cable free play to the right spec if the lever did not start out in the right position. didn't want clutch slippage. makes me feel better knowing the above. thanks :cry:

When relaxed w/o the cable the clutch arm will get a bunch of movement. I was probably the first, if not one of the first, to put a '04 clutch routing on my '03. Originally I used a clutch cable from a '03 yzf 250, and cut and re-welded my '03's actuator arm. Eventually I went with the '04 actuator arm and spring, and '04 mounting brackets. It's a good, worthwhile, affordable mod for anyone's '03. :cry:

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