Any Former CRF 450 Owners

I have an '04 CRF450 and am either going with the '05 or an 05 YZF450. It may be too soon in the season, but I am interested in getting some subjective assessments from individuals who have had substantial seat time in a CRF and made the switch to an '05 YZF 450.

Just curious why the switch, I was thinking of going the other way and going to a CRF?

Nice to see you poking around over here DCox! :cry:

Nice to see you poking around over here DCox! :cry:

Yea Cowboy, there seems to be some hardcore technical questions and answers out here in TT. :cry:

In answer to why I am considering the YZF, my first choice is still the '05 CRF450. But availability and pricing may be an issue (or maybe not).

Although I have not had any valve issues yet, I find it less than classy (on Honda's part) that this is even an issue that CRF owners should be even have to talk about, let alone deal with. In our free-market economy only one thing can get their attention--market share ($).

So, if Yamaha can put out a comparable product that is a tad bit more reliable and at a cheaper price, I may be able to put up with a little blue plastic and a steel frame. :cry:

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