how many miles are too many miles on a 99 XR650L

Please help. I am looking into some adventure touring so I am thinking of adding a 99 XR650L to my collection. The bike is local to me and looks to be in great shape but I have 2 concerns. 1) The bike has 13800 miles on it 2) smokes a little when you start but does not smoke at all when running or revved hard (I assume this is worn valve guides). Anyway, I was going to take this bike on a long trip through Arizona (Grand Canyon and down in to Mexico). Should I rebuild the bike before going or is this too many miles etc... or just look for another.. Please help.. The owner wants to trade for one of my 2 XR400's.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


03 XR400R basically stock

99 XR400R Too many mods to list

97 ATK 605 DS (almost out the door)

02 Cannondale E440 (gone and thank heavens)

01 KTM 300 EXC (gone, just too much power)

02 DRZ400 (one ride then sold)

79 Triumph Bonneville (never sell)

01 Triumph Speed Triple (insurance is killing me)

What color is the smoke, blue or black? Check the plug color and condition. Either way I wouldn't be too concerned.

These bikes can go well into the high 20's & low 30's before any engine work might be needed, as long as the motor has been maintained, i.e.; oil changed, air filter cleaned, valves adjusted, spark plug changed, etc.

A buddy of mine now has my old '83 XL600R and it has over 26K miles on it. It puts out some black smoke at start up because it runs rich, it always did since I got it in '89 with 13K miles, but still runs strong to this day with no problems.

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